Corporate Counsel

The lawyers of the firm represent individuals in the formation and structuring of corporate entities including Florida Limited Liability Companies, Florida Corporations and Florida Limited and General Partnerships.

We draft shareholder agreements, operating agreements, partnership agreements, articles of organization, articles of incorporation, corporate and company resolutions, minutes, amendments, stock and membership interest purchase and sale agreements, asset purchase and sale agreements and any and all documents required for a Florida entity to transact business.  We provide counsel and advice as well as step by step guidance in the formation and execution of of joint venture agreements and the purchase and sale of businesses located in Florida.

Important areas of the firm’s corporate counsel law practice includes:
  • Florida legal entity company Formation, document preparation and state filing.
  • Representation of purchasers and sellers in stock purchase agreements.
  • Representation of purchasers and sellers in asset purchase agreements.
  • Counsel, negotiate and draft joint venture and partnership agreements.
  • Amend, modify or convert Florida Legal entities.
  • Representation as Registered Agent.
  • Yearly preparation of documents to ratify member, manager, officer, stockholder and director’s actions.