Inalvis M. Zubiaur, Esq.


Inalvis M. Zubiaur, Esq.

Senior Associate

Inalvis Zubiaur is a highly accomplished attorney who graduated Cum Laude from St. Thomas University school of law in 2014.

Building on her impressive background as a Mortgage processor for 7 years and a legal intern for the Miami Dade Public defenders office, Inalvis joined Sanchez Vadillo’s team in 2015. As an integral member of the firm, she specializes in commercial and residential real estate transactions, business transactions, and corporations. With her meticulous attention to detail and her robust legal knowledge, Inalvis consistently achieves  incredibly favorable outcomes for her clients.

Inalvis maintains a client-centered approach, ensuring that each individual’s unique needs and goals are met. She navigates complex real estate  legal matters with ease, providing comprehensive advice and guidance to help clients make informed decisions.

With an impressive track record and a genuine dedication to her clients’ success, Inalvis Zubiaur is a formidable force in the legal field and real estate industry in general.  She is the supervising attorney of the firm’s real estate department. Her dedication and commitment to the firm’s clients and the real estate professionals in the industry is a powerful force behind the extraordinary service she provides them.


  • St Thomas University School of Law, Cum Laude Juris Doctor Degree, May 2014
  • Florida International University, Bachelor’s Degree in History with a Minor in English and Minor in Criminal Procedure, May 2010.